Billy Ribak
A multi-instrumentalist, singer song-writer. He has been regularly teaching guitar, drums, and bass to kids and adults all over the greater East Bay for ten years. Billy’s enthusiasm, rock ‘n roll experience, and unique teaching style has ensured his continued success and will help get you on the road to success, too!
Listen to Billy here: www.gravysdrop.bandcamp.com


Brett Stillo
Brett is a skilled musician and filmmaker. He has worked with kids of all ages. He enjoys sharing his experience with others and having the unique opportunity to introduce kids to the amazing worlds of musical and visual expression.

Click to view Brett’s Music Video for The Francis Lau Experience:


Joel Robinow
A multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and teacher.   Joel teaches keyboards, guitar, and bass.   He also plays out regularly with his band Once and a Future Band, and does solo piano appearances around the Bay Area.

Listen to Joel here: https://onceandfutureband.bandcamp.com/


Tony Bald
Tony is a drummer, songwriter, bassist and full-time teacher. Tony’s years of instructional experience with all ages and his love for playing/writing/performing music will provide students with a solid musical foundation and enthusiasm for playing.

Listen to Tony here: thegregors.bandcamp.com and tmensurf.com


Christina Busler
Tina is a graduate from the University of San Francisco and has a degree in performing arts and social justice.   She enjoys working with younger students and has a beautiful singing voice.  Tina teaches guitar, drums, singing, and coaches bands.


Paul Sharky
Paul is the 3 O’Clock Rock Art Director. In addition to producing program posters, caricatures, and T-Shirts for 3 O’Clock Rock, Paul has also created many band logos, show posters, and flyers for bands for over 15 years. He is also our cartooning teacher!


Adachi Hiroyuki
Adachi is a multi-instrumentalist, but specialize in bass guitar and stand up bass. He owns and operates Abura Ya Japanese Fried Chicken in Downtown Oakland.  Here is a music video that one of our bands made for Abura Ya.

Click to view The Jet Stars music video for the Abura Ya Theme Song.


Donn Spindt
Donn Spindt is our vocalist teacher.  He also plays drums and sings for the American power pop band The Rubinoos that formed in 1970 in BerkeleyCalifornia. They are perhaps best known for their singles “I Think We’re Alone Now” (1977, a cover of the hit by Tommy James & the Shondells), “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” (1979), and for the theme song to the 1984 film Revenge of the Nerds.  Donn also plays piano, guitar, and teaches music theory.  We are thrilled to have Donn apart of our great teaching staff. Sign up now for vocal lessons with Donn Spindt!


David Castillo
A multi-instrumentalist, singer song-writer. He has recorded his own music and has several releases on the Burger Records label as well as his own record label Tender Moments.
David moved to California in August 2017 to become a teacher at 3 O’Clock Rock. He said it is his “dream job”.  David teaches guitar, drums, keyboards and bass to kids and adults.
David’s rock ‘n’ roll style, enthusiasm, and unique musical approach has ensured his continued success and will help get you on the road to ruin, too!
Here is a link to some of his latest music recordings.